About us

Our mission is to bring the restorative power of art and nature to those who need it the most. Since 2022, we've developed immersive Siimes experiences for hospitals, businesses, their customers and employees - and over a thousand satisfied users have experienced the difference so far.

Pia-Maria is a versatile artist, designer, illustrator, and storyteller.

Satu brings years of experience in concept development and experiential design.

Together, we are driven by creativity, the importance of meaningful experiences, and a strong belief in collaboration.

Pia-Maria Pohto ja Satu Freyberg

Our values

Joy, Creativity, Empathy, Collaboration and Meaningfulness.  These values guide everything we do, from how we work together to how we partner with organizations.

Beginning of Siimes

It all began when Satu's 90-year-old mother, Pirkko, was living in a care home. Satu wanted to bring happiness and joy not just for Pirkko, but for all the residents. When Pia-Maria shared her art over coffee, Satu was captivated - and the core idea of a cozy nature nook was born.

Research shows that nature-based experiences can lower stress and positively impact mental health, even indoors. Combining Pia-Maria's art with the restorative power of nature elements, the  immersive Siimes experience began to take shape.

The idea was a bit later completed into it's multisensory form - and this is how AistiSiimes was formed. It wasn't until half a year later when the women realized that Satu's mother Pirkko and Pia-Maria's close relative, also Pirkko, had lived next door to each other at the same elder care home.

From healthcare and hospitals to companies and homes

Our dear Pirkkos
Our dear Pirkkos

The first Siimes multisensory space was built in the psychiatric treatment center of Central Finland Hospital Nova. After that, different types of Siimes facilities were built elsewhere in the hospital. The feedback received was abundant and very positive. It was given by hundreds of different users, including staff, patients of different ages and visitors. In cooperation with Central Finland's Social Competence Center (Koske), the suitability of Siimes was tested among user groups of different ages and types.

We assumed that Siimes would work especially as a tool for developing the customer and patient experience. It appeared that, in addition to that, the employees in particular experienced clear well-being effects. Siimes enabled restorative breaks and a meeting place in the midst of a busy working day.

An innovator of work well-being and customer experience

With joy and joint development, Siimes has enabled a meaningful natural environment indoors. In the space, you can enjoy nature-based art, touch the rough surface of the bark, smell the pine and listen to birdsong. Siimes is enjoyed both alone and together. Just staying there for a few minutes makes you feel refreshed.