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"Siimes is a beautiful and sheltered space. Just five minutes on the sofa reduced my heart rate and stress levels."


Joni Borgström

Serial Entrepreneur

"In the midst of busy everyday life, it is important to stop and take a break. Siimes makes taking a break and taking care of your wellbeing easier."

Riikka Nahkamäki

Eexpert in Occupational Wellbeing and Performance Management

"Siimes brings the desired peace, relaxation, and a chance to enjoy the sounds of nature right in the middle of busy workday."

Sandra Suomäki

Crazy Town Oy Jyväskylä
Community manager

"Siimes environments have been utilized for the elderly and patients that are seriously ill. The environments have been serving as therapeutic spaces and meeting rooms with close ones. For psychiatric patients, Siimes has alleviated anxiety and helped them relax during treatment. For children, the space has made challenging topics easier to handle during consultations."

"The nature affinity, positive attitude and enthusiasm of the Siimes staff easily resonate throughout the entire work community. We see numerous possibilities for utilizing Siimes across various organizations. The space offers employees and clients an unexpected, touching, and relaxing environment for breaks, meetings, or client interactions."

Sointu Möller
Manager, Center of Social Expertice, Central Finland

Anneli Kuusinen-Laukkala
Cheaf Department Doctor, Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland

"Even a short moment in Siimes offers genuine stimulation to all the senses. The rush disappears. If anything, this is the way to relax and stimulate your senses."

Pekka Krook

Entrepreneur, an expert in focused business

"Siimes is a restorative and empowering nature experience. It has helped to explore one's own concentration and sensory world. In my case, the world of sounds is the most effective, the scents come second "

Anu Kaasalainen

Service manager, Laukaan HyPe

"Siimes brings nature and it's touchable treasures close to people. That's why it's perfect for tourist destinations"

Jari Talja

 expert in management and development

"Especially patients who are afraid or anxious about the hospital enviroment have felt relieved when being treated in Siimes"

Jutta Pääkkönen

Nursing Development Specialist, Psychiatry Treatment Center, Hospital Nova

 "It is wonderful to feel the foresty scent, and experience the treasures and magic of the forest. Lots of small details which can make you enter in completely different worlds."

Hospital Nova

Staff Feedback

"Siimes is already thought out and prepared, i.e. easy to use. Siimes has calming and relaxing effect on residents, also offering sensory elements that activate cognition."

Riikka Kimmel

 Director of elderly care Lehtiniemi service home

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