Multisensory space AistiSiimes

Better Workplace Wellbeing and memorable Customer Experiences

AistiSiimes is a proven and easy solution for revitalizing customer experience and daily workplace wellbeing. In Siimes, the northern nature and unique art fabrics are enjoyed with all senses. All kind of spaces, like customer areas, lobbies and meeting rooms, transform into wellness-enhancing spaces. Moments in Siimes become especially memorable experiences.

Siimes is customized for different sized spaces and can easily be acquired with a monthly fee or as a purchase.

Siimes transforms rooms into a nature experience that is enjoyed with all senses.
Siimes transforms rooms into a nature experience that is enjoyed with all senses.
"The best place for taking a break! Now my batteries are recharged, and I am ready to tackle the rest of the day."

Siimes enhances customer experience

  • Attracts and differentiates you from others
  • Creates a lasting impression
  • Offers a strong contrast to daily life

Siimes for improving workplace wellbeing

  • Facilitates daily breaks and recovery
  • Enhances interaction
  • Shows care for employees

Siimes for community wellbeing

Siimes is also ideal for communities, such as schools, libraries, care homes, youth centers, and other public spaces. 

  • Surprises and delights
  • Sparks creativity
  • Brings people together
"An atmospheric experience. The empowering effect of forest and nature is incredible and seems wonderfully authentic in Siimes."

How to use Siimes

Siimes is perfect for workplaces, travel destinations, public spaces, and healthcare facilities. You can transform any existing space effortlessly into immersive experiences by using Siimes. For new projects, Siimes offers extensive possibilities for creating engaging and wellness-enhancing environments.

Siimes themes

We bring your vision to life following your wishes and brand. Siimes is built around your chosen nature theme, whether it's Summer, Winter, Archipelago, Lapland Wilderness, or a set for Children. All themes can be implemented in a minimalist style or with the option to add illustrated characters and storytelling content.

Riikka Nahkamäki
Riikka Nahkamäki
"In the midst of busy everyday life, it is important to stop and take a break. Siimes makes is easier to take breaks and take care of your wellbeing."

Riikka Nahkamäki
Expert in occupational wellbeing and performance managament
Jari Talja
Jari Talja
"Siimes brings nature and its touchable treasures close to people. That's why it's perfect for tourist destinations."

Jari Talja
Expert in management and development
Jutta Pääkkönen
Jutta Pääkkönen
" Especially patients who are afraid or anxious about the hospital environment have felt relieved when being treated in Siimes"

Jutta Pääkkönen, Nursing development specialist, Psychiatric treatment center, The Central Hospital Nova, Jyväskylä, Finland