Siimes is based on Research

Siimes spaces have been developed in collaboration with hospitals, care centers and businesses. For a year and a half we worked closely with the Center of Social Expertice. The results of this empirical study showed that different Siimes spaces had many effects on users. Siimes recovers and recharges, surprises and delights, awakens creativity and connects people. So far, Siimes spaces have already gathered over a thousand satisfied recommendations.

After this first reseach period, Siimes is under constant R & D. We aim to improve Siimes to fit different surroundings to bring nature wellbeing within everybodys reach, daily.

Multisensory experiences and the wellness benefits of Art and Nature

Multisensory experiences involve simultaneous sensory input. People perceive the world through their senses. Experiences that engage multiple senses also promote wellbeing. There is ample scientific evidence on the wellness benefits of art and nature - they reduce stress and positively impact mental health.

The environment has a profound effect on human health and well-being. Adding nature to one's surroundings produces similar effects as physically being in nature. This has been shown to increase restorative capacity, improve sleep and concentration. Mood also improves, enabling people to better manage daily challenges.

Power of recovery

Many struggle with poor recovery. Recovery is about regulating the body and mind's state of arousal. Short breaks throughout the day enable better functioning and more effective work. Without conscious breaks, recovery during the workday can be entirely absent, which then impacts free time, sleep, and the next workday.

Research on the well-being benefits of nature in the workplace

A systematic review of nature-based interventions in the workplace and their impact on employee mental health and well-being (Ireland, Germany, 2020):

  • The review highlighted improvements in target participants' mental health and well-being due to nature exposure. It also emphasized the cost-effectiveness of nature-based initiatives.

Healthy Workplaces: The Effects of Nature Contact on Employee Stress and Health (USA, 2011):

  • The study demonstrated that nature contact can have positive impacts on stress levels and overall well-being.

Nature at Work: The Effects of Daily Nature Contact on Employee Perceived Stress and Psychological Well-being (2021):

  • The research showed that physical and visual access to nature at work can lead to reduced stress levels and more positive attitudes.

Research on the well-being benefits of Art in the workplace

Making Art for Mental Health: A Study on the Relationship Between Arts Engagement and Mental Well-being in the General Population (UK, 2011):

  • The study provided evidence that engaging in the arts has positive impacts on mental health.

Art in the Workplace Enhances Employee Well-being (USA, EU 2022): 

  • Art in the Workplace Enhances Employee Well-being (USA, EU 2022):
    In this study, 69% of participants reported that "interesting and visually impactful art" in the workplace promoted their well-being. Art in the workplace can also positively influence employee achievements. 
  • The analysis spanned ten years of research in the USA and Europe.

The research strongly indicates that both nature experiences and art engagement positively impact perceived stress, mental health, and overall well-being in the workplace.

Studies about wellbeing effects of multisensory

  • Nighttime scents significantly improved elderly participants' memory - the sense of smell is famously linked to memory.
  • Sleeping in a scented environment enhanced 60-80-year-olds' memory and ability to learn new information.

Check out the HS article or the original research article (USA, 7/2023).